Fitness activities in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the two most popular cities in all of Australia. It is located in the Australian state of Victoria where it is the number one most popular city of that state. Like with any big city, it may be hard for people to find places to exercise outdoors. You could run on the sidewalks, but that can get annoying when you have cars constantly coming in and out of intersections. The only places that are left to exercise are in gyms. Now if you are a weight lifter, then this would be the normal place to lift weights anyways. But, if you are trying to do cardiovascular exercises then you may not be as motivated to get on a treadmill or exercise bike. Stationary cardiovascular activities can become quite boring because you are staying in one place the whole time. So, in this case you should look for a public park to go walking or running outside. There are plenty of these parks in Melbourne, like the Alexandra Gardens and Queen Victoria Gardens. Public parks provide the perfect atmosphere to walk, run, jog, cycle and etc.


Fortunately, Melbourne has a number of meet up places for people that want to do specific fitness activities. One meet up in particular that is meant to challenge people is the Melbourne Adventure Hub. This is a sightseeing tour mixed in with the physical endurance of the trip itself. You will get to experience white water kayaking, rock climbing, abseiling and cave exploration. People in Melbourne like these kinds of fitness activities because it takes their minds off of the exercise aspect of it and draws their attention towards their surrounding environment. That way the people will end up doing more physical fitness without even realizing it because they will be too interested in the trip to realize how much they’ve done. Another activity that gets people’s adrenaline pumping in Melbourne is indoor paintball. This may not seem like a physical activity, but the players are actively running and walking all over the indoor field. This is another way to lose calories without focusing on the physical aspect of the activity. Performing physical activities in Melbourne is not that difficult if you simply utilize the resources and locations available for it. The city is big, but the number of opportunities to meet up with people for fitness fun is even bigger.



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