Finding a good accountant in Australia

It’s nice to have enough financial assets to need the services of an accountant. Even better to have a good accountant who will help grow and manage those financial assets so there will be plenty for years to come.

Finding a good accountant, one that is not only good at crunching numbers but at partnering with you to work towards your financial goals, is as easy as asking the right questions of the right people. To find a good accountant, ask these questions and listen at the answers to help you decide on the right financial advisor for your business or personal finances.


Business Owners

If you own a business, ask your fellow business owners for a recommendation. Ask around and if a specific name or two keeps popping up, jot the name(s) down on your short list as a starting point for further research.

Trade Association

If your industry is large enough to have a trade association, contact them for a few recommendations. The trade association should have a list of accountants who are familiar with your type of business and one of them may be the right fit for you.


Once you have complied a short list of potential accountants, give the Better Business Bureau a call. Ask about each candidate to discover if they have any past or pending compliants about their accounting work.

Licensing Board

As the list continues to narrow down, call your state’s licensing board to ensure that all remaining accountant names on your short list have met all their necessary licensing requirements in your state.

Submit Proposal

Formally contact all the accountants you are now considering to work with and ask them to submit a written proposal of their rates and services. This will allow you time to read and compare each accountant’s offerings and see who might be the best fit for your financial endeavors.

Face Time

Before making the final decision, set up an appointment with all the accountants you are seriously considering and conduct a personal interview with them. While the revelations of the background checks and service proposals are vitally important to finding a good accountant, having a meeting of the minds is also important. A little face time will let you (and the potential accountant) if your personalities will make a good fit and you’ll be able to work together for the long haul towards your financial goal.



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