Farms to visit in Victoria

There are many beautiful farms in Australia that are good just to visit as a tourist attraction. The Australian state of Victoria is known for their large dairy farms. After all, Victoria is the center of dairy farming in all of Australia. In fact, a quarter of Australia’s agricultural production comes from the state of Victoria. Farming is so popular in this state that it has actually become a tourist attraction where people come and visit the farms. There are plenty of farms that allow people to stay on them as guests, like on Phillip Island in Victoria. A visitor can stay at either the Otira On Needle’s Eye or Alvina Holiday Cottages. Phillip Island is about a 90 minute drive from the city of Melbourne. This island will give you the opportunity to experience the quiet and peaceful side to farm life. It is perfect for families to visit and you will even have the opportunity to collect eggs from a henhouse, which you are then allowed to eat.


Another popular farm to visit in Victoria is the Cathedral Valley Farm. It has over 150 acres of beautiful country acreage with grassy fields and hills. Cathedral Valley Farm is 68 miles from the city of Melbourne and it lies between the Dandenong Ranges and Yarra valley. People who visit this area will have the opportunity to stay in a farmhouse that has been converted into a livable suite of rooms. In the Goldfields region of Australia, you can experience the wild side to farm life with all of the animals and wild animals that surround the area. Guests will be able to stay at the Kankama Cottage with wonderful views of the entire farm area. You will likely see wildlife, such as kangaroos, koalas and many different kinds of birds. On the farm, guests are allowed to feed the alpacas but they are not allowed to bring their own pets.

One of the most popular regions in Victoria for farming is in the High Country. This is home to the Howqua Valley, which has over 500 acres of farmland, filled with sheds and garages that overlooks the entire valley and also the Howqua River. Guests will be able to cook their own food in a wood fired oven and will have the opportunity to take horseback riding tours throughout the countryside. There are just so many beautiful farms to visit in Victoria that you probably won’t be able to see them all on one visit. If you are a local to the state, then you have probably seen most of them. But still, they are always good to visit more than once if you have the opportunity to do so.