5 Tourist Attractions In Sydney

There are far too many tourist attractions in Sydney to cover right here and now.  However, there are some that are regarded as must see venues for tourists visiting this fabulous city.  We will be covering what five of those are in this article.  Okay, let’s begin.

If you are visiting with the family in tow then you definitely need to make a trip to Luna Park.  One of the largest theme parks in all the country, you will find something for everyone in your group here.  In addition to its fantastic rides, Luna Park also offers up beautiful views, concerts and a great dining experience.  More than a million people pass through the gates every year.  The entrance is graced by a huge smiling face with its mouth serving as the entrance.

If you would like to see and appreciate some fantastic architecture then Sydney’s Opera House will fit the bill.  Constructed in 1973, it boasts seven different performance venues.  Not only that, there are also shops, bars and restaurants as well.  And if that isn’t enough, from the Opera House you will also have a spectacular view of the world renowned Sydney Harbor.

Next up is the largest coral reef on the planet, Sydney’s Great Barrier Reef.  This natural phenomenon has been untouched by nature and you can either choose to take a helicopter ride and enjoy it from above, or if you are really adventurous you can see it by way of deep sea diving.  There are also sailing, snorkeling and many other options for enjoying this great place.

Then there is the Sydney Harbor Bridge.  This is not just some simple bridge that you go across.  Many people choose to walk it and enjoy the spectacular view of the Sydney Harbor below as well as the Opera House and many other places.  Still others cycle across it and if you like you can even throw a picnic underneath it, all while enjoying a nighttime view of the city.

And lastly, yet another must see in Sydney is any of the various zoos or wildlife parks.  From the Taronga Zoo to Featherdale Wildlife Park, Sydney Aquarium or the Koala Park Sanctuary, to name a few, there is no shortage of places at which to explore and view Australia’s vast array of animals and creatures.

The above mentioned has only scratched the surface in terms of tourist attractions in Sydney.  It is highly advised that one find out all they can about everything this fantastic city has to offer prior to traveling there.  That way you can have an itinerary planned out.  However, you may find yourself revising a thing or two once you see firsthand all there is to do in Sydney.