Top reasons to visit Perth

Perth is a city in the state of Western Australia. It is actually the capital of the state and a popular tourist attraction that has been visited by millions of people worldwide. One of the key features that makes Perth such a great tourist attraction is the fact that it rests next to the coast. This means there are plenty of beautiful beaches to visit that have soft white sand and aqua blue waters. One beach in particular that is popular is Cottesloe Beach. You will find activity on this beach from the early morning before dawn all the way until sunset. Best of all, the city stays sunny most of the year.

People love to shop when they are on vacation or visiting a new city. Perth sure has their selection of shops to visit. When you visit Perth you will become very familiar with King Street because this area has become a thriving marketplace for tourists and residents. You will see a lot of name brand clothes being sold, such as Gucci, Tiffany, Bally and more. Then after you go shopping you can visit Wolfe Lane for one of the most interesting bar experiences you will ever have. There is plenty of stylish music and dancing in the bar that will make it more fun for you and your partner.

Fremantle Harbor is a popular attraction in Perth for fishing, boat riding and seafood. You may think that a restaurant called “Joe’s Fish Shack” may seem low key, but it has some of the freshest and tastiest seafood on the whole western coast. You can also buy fresh fish to take back to your hotel from the popular “Kailis Fish Market Cafe.” Then if you want to go on a sightseeing boat ride, you can go on the Okiedokie West Coast Jet Boat ride. This neat jet boat will take you along the western coast of Australia from the ocean and you will get to see many breathtaking sites along the shore. There are also fishing boats that you can rent and take out on the water if you are interested in fishing. There is just so much to do in Perth that once you visit you will never be bored for a second. Between the beachfront walks, shops and boat rides, you will always find something interesting to do during your stay. You can even rent a bicycle and cycle around Rottnest Island, which has many bridges that overlook the ocean. So, the next time you make travel plans to Australia you better be sure to put Perth on your itinerary.