3 Things to Do in Melbourne This Christmas

Are you looking for a few fun things to do in Melbourne during the 2015 Christmas season? We have a few ideas! Here are 3 things to do in Melbourne this Christmas!

First: Santa’s Magical Kingdom


This must-do event will feature the original snow princess, a Lego zone, snowland, rides, and much more! Tickets start at $39.95.

Then: Magical Christmas Wonderland

Enjoy amusement rides, face painting, carols, photos with Santa, and more! Tickets are $35. 

Frankston’s Christmas Festival of Lights 2015

This free event is held on November 28, 2015, and offers live stage shows, carols by candlelight, arts, crafts, and much more!

Will you be doing just one or all of the above? Leave your comments!

Fitness activities in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the two most popular cities in all of Australia. It is located in the Australian state of Victoria where it is the number one most popular city of that state. Like with any big city, it may be hard for people to find places to exercise outdoors. You could run on the sidewalks, but that can get annoying when you have cars constantly coming in and out of intersections. The only places that are left to exercise are in gyms. Now if you are a weight lifter, then this would be the normal place to lift weights anyways. But, if you are trying to do cardiovascular exercises then you may not be as motivated to get on a treadmill or exercise bike. Stationary cardiovascular activities can become quite boring because you are staying in one place the whole time. So, in this case you should look for a public park to go walking or running outside. There are plenty of these parks in Melbourne, like the Alexandra Gardens and Queen Victoria Gardens. Public parks provide the perfect atmosphere to walk, run, jog, cycle and etc.


Fortunately, Melbourne has a number of meet up places for people that want to do specific fitness activities. One meet up in particular that is meant to challenge people is the Melbourne Adventure Hub. This is a sightseeing tour mixed in with the physical endurance of the trip itself. You will get to experience white water kayaking, rock climbing, abseiling and cave exploration. People in Melbourne like these kinds of fitness activities because it takes their minds off of the exercise aspect of it and draws their attention towards their surrounding environment. That way the people will end up doing more physical fitness without even realizing it because they will be too interested in the trip to realize how much they’ve done. Another activity that gets people’s adrenaline pumping in Melbourne is indoor paintball. This may not seem like a physical activity, but the players are actively running and walking all over the indoor field. This is another way to lose calories without focusing on the physical aspect of the activity. Performing physical activities in Melbourne is not that difficult if you simply utilize the resources and locations available for it. The city is big, but the number of opportunities to meet up with people for fitness fun is even bigger.



Farms to visit in Victoria

There are many beautiful farms in Australia that are good just to visit as a tourist attraction. The Australian state of Victoria is known for their large dairy farms. After all, Victoria is the center of dairy farming in all of Australia. In fact, a quarter of Australia’s agricultural production comes from the state of Victoria. Farming is so popular in this state that it has actually become a tourist attraction where people come and visit the farms. There are plenty of farms that allow people to stay on them as guests, like on Phillip Island in Victoria. A visitor can stay at either the Otira On Needle’s Eye or Alvina Holiday Cottages. Phillip Island is about a 90 minute drive from the city of Melbourne. This island will give you the opportunity to experience the quiet and peaceful side to farm life. It is perfect for families to visit and you will even have the opportunity to collect eggs from a henhouse, which you are then allowed to eat.


Another popular farm to visit in Victoria is the Cathedral Valley Farm. It has over 150 acres of beautiful country acreage with grassy fields and hills. Cathedral Valley Farm is 68 miles from the city of Melbourne and it lies between the Dandenong Ranges and Yarra valley. People who visit this area will have the opportunity to stay in a farmhouse that has been converted into a livable suite of rooms. In the Goldfields region of Australia, you can experience the wild side to farm life with all of the animals and wild animals that surround the area. Guests will be able to stay at the Kankama Cottage with wonderful views of the entire farm area. You will likely see wildlife, such as kangaroos, koalas and many different kinds of birds. On the farm, guests are allowed to feed the alpacas but they are not allowed to bring their own pets.

One of the most popular regions in Victoria for farming is in the High Country. This is home to the Howqua Valley, which has over 500 acres of farmland, filled with sheds and garages that overlooks the entire valley and also the Howqua River. Guests will be able to cook their own food in a wood fired oven and will have the opportunity to take horseback riding tours throughout the countryside. There are just so many beautiful farms to visit in Victoria that you probably won’t be able to see them all on one visit. If you are a local to the state, then you have probably seen most of them. But still, they are always good to visit more than once if you have the opportunity to do so.



Finding a good accountant in Australia

It’s nice to have enough financial assets to need the services of an accountant. Even better to have a good accountant who will help grow and manage those financial assets so there will be plenty for years to come.

Finding a good accountant, one that is not only good at crunching numbers but at partnering with you to work towards your financial goals, is as easy as asking the right questions of the right people. To find a good accountant, ask these questions and listen at the answers to help you decide on the right financial advisor for your business or personal finances.


Business Owners

If you own a business, ask your fellow business owners for a recommendation. Ask around and if a specific name or two keeps popping up, jot the name(s) down on your short list as a starting point for further research.

Trade Association

If your industry is large enough to have a trade association, contact them for a few recommendations. The trade association should have a list of accountants who are familiar with your type of business and one of them may be the right fit for you.


Once you have complied a short list of potential accountants, give the Better Business Bureau a call. Ask about each candidate to discover if they have any past or pending compliants about their accounting work.

Licensing Board

As the list continues to narrow down, call your state’s licensing board to ensure that all remaining accountant names on your short list have met all their necessary licensing requirements in your state.

Submit Proposal

Formally contact all the accountants you are now considering to work with and ask them to submit a written proposal of their rates and services. This will allow you time to read and compare each accountant’s offerings and see who might be the best fit for your financial endeavors.

Face Time

Before making the final decision, set up an appointment with all the accountants you are seriously considering and conduct a personal interview with them. While the revelations of the background checks and service proposals are vitally important to finding a good accountant, having a meeting of the minds is also important. A little face time will let you (and the potential accountant) if your personalities will make a good fit and you’ll be able to work together for the long haul towards your financial goal.



5 Tourist Attractions In Sydney

There are far too many tourist attractions in Sydney to cover right here and now.  However, there are some that are regarded as must see venues for tourists visiting this fabulous city.  We will be covering what five of those are in this article.  Okay, let’s begin.

If you are visiting with the family in tow then you definitely need to make a trip to Luna Park.  One of the largest theme parks in all the country, you will find something for everyone in your group here.  In addition to its fantastic rides, Luna Park also offers up beautiful views, concerts and a great dining experience.  More than a million people pass through the gates every year.  The entrance is graced by a huge smiling face with its mouth serving as the entrance.

If you would like to see and appreciate some fantastic architecture then Sydney’s Opera House will fit the bill.  Constructed in 1973, it boasts seven different performance venues.  Not only that, there are also shops, bars and restaurants as well.  And if that isn’t enough, from the Opera House you will also have a spectacular view of the world renowned Sydney Harbor.

Next up is the largest coral reef on the planet, Sydney’s Great Barrier Reef.  This natural phenomenon has been untouched by nature and you can either choose to take a helicopter ride and enjoy it from above, or if you are really adventurous you can see it by way of deep sea diving.  There are also sailing, snorkeling and many other options for enjoying this great place.

Then there is the Sydney Harbor Bridge.  This is not just some simple bridge that you go across.  Many people choose to walk it and enjoy the spectacular view of the Sydney Harbor below as well as the Opera House and many other places.  Still others cycle across it and if you like you can even throw a picnic underneath it, all while enjoying a nighttime view of the city.

And lastly, yet another must see in Sydney is any of the various zoos or wildlife parks.  From the Taronga Zoo to Featherdale Wildlife Park, Sydney Aquarium or the Koala Park Sanctuary, to name a few, there is no shortage of places at which to explore and view Australia’s vast array of animals and creatures.

The above mentioned has only scratched the surface in terms of tourist attractions in Sydney.  It is highly advised that one find out all they can about everything this fantastic city has to offer prior to traveling there.  That way you can have an itinerary planned out.  However, you may find yourself revising a thing or two once you see firsthand all there is to do in Sydney.

10 Places To Unwind On The Gold Coast

Many people believe that a trip to Australia is not complete without a visit to the Gold Coast and there is good reason for that.  The area is breathtakingly beautiful and there is so much to do there.  Follow along as we give you a brief overview of some of the best places to unwind at and have a great time while on the Gold Coast.

1 – If you are looking to sightsee and have the family in tow then you must take advantage of the Best of Brisbane Full Day Sightseeing Tour.

2 – Also high on the list with families is a tree top canopy and park tour in O’Reilly’s Lamington National Park.

3 – Also consider a guided tour by way of four-wheel drive through the fabulous Fraser Island.  Be advised that this is a full day tour but it is well worth it.

4 – If you want something really special then you may want to try out a jet boat ride and helicopter flight package.  You will first start out with an exhilarating close to one hour jet boat trip and finish off with a nice 10 minute helicopter trip above the Gold Coast.

5 – Another venue famous with families is Gold Coast’s Dreamworld Theme Park.  In addition to the usual rides and attractions, Dreamworld Theme Park also features a vast array of over 500 animals native to Australia.  Truly something for everyone in the family.

6 – And getting back on the sightseeing track, how about a full day trip through many of the most spectacular places the Gold Coast offers? This is done both by canal cruise as well as a walking tour.  There will be commentary along the way as you travel through Broadwater Canal, walk through Springbrook National Park and also see the Natural Bridge Falls.

7 – Or if you prefer your entertainment solely at sea then you find you have a choice of any of a number of sailing and water tours.  There are plenty of options to choose from and they run anywhere from as little as 90 minutes all the way up to 10 hours and some are even at night.

8 – Some tours are even overnight or multi-day in nature.  For example; there is the two day long four wheel drive camping tour to Moreton Island.  And also another two day tour, this one also to Moreton Island but featuring a dolphin feeding tour.

9 – Or unwind at one of Gold Coast’s day spas.  Here you will find true relaxation and be pampered by a vast array of treatment such as manicures, massages, facials, waxing and so on.  If this is your thing consider the following spots: Q1 Resort and Spa, Sheraton Mirage Resort and Spa, plus the Watermark Hotel and Spa, generally viewed as the three best.

10 – And of course, as with just about any place in Australia, there are scores of beaches at which you can relax and unwind.  Naturally some are more quiet and secluded than others, but you will find what you are looking for.

So there you have it, ten places to unwind on the Gold Coast.  Now, some may not strike you as being a place you would unwind at but you’d be surprised.  You can still relax while having an exhilarating time.

The Best Places To Spend Summer In Melbourne

The majority of Australia is pretty much popular tourist destinations, especially in the summertime.  Some cities and places are naturally more sought out than others and Melbourne is one of them.  If you are thinking about spending time there in the summer you will not be disappointed as there is plenty to do and see.  Follow along as we tell you about what you can look forward to in Melbourne at summertime.

If you are looking to pick up some gifts, souvenirs, mementoes or something personal there is shopping galore in Melbourne.  With Shopping center owners well aware of how stifling the heat can be in the summer they go out of their way to make sure the malls and plazas are kept at a bearable temperature.  Not only is it a lot cooler inside these shopping centers there are also plenty of food courts to satisfy just about anyone’s taste.

Melbourne Central, Northland, Highpoint, Southland and Chadstone are about the best of the best in terms of shopping experience during the summer and year round for that matter.

You just know that summertime and Melbourne means beaches.  And they do not disappoint.  Seeing that the city itself was built around a bay, there are beaches galore.  There is St. Kilda, where there are great views, swimming, beautiful sunsets and of course swimming along with plenty of other activities.  There is also a ferry and facilities for boating activities.

Others are Brighton Beach, popular for barbecuing, yachting, windsurfing and it even has a cycle and pedestrian path.  If you are into kitesurfing or just a good old game of volleyball then Port Melbourne will be to your liking.  And there are many more great beaches in Melbourne, far too many to mention in the space allotted here.  But suffice it to say, there are more of them than you can ever get around to seeing in the span of one vacation.


Now, next to last but certainly not least, we would be remiss if we did not mention the nightlife in Melbourne, especially during the summer months.  If you are looking for a great time and plenty of laughs then you must stop by the Comics Lounge.  And you can enjoy a great meal to go with a fine show.

Feel like taking a quick flight out of Melbourne? Get a flight to uluru (ayers rock) to experience both the physical and cultural significance of this Australian icon which is one of the wonders of world.

And in closing, those in the know are aware that Melbourne is viewed as the culinary capital of Australia.  However that is another article for some other day.  But with the knowledge of its culinary capital crown you can rest assured that regardless of your taste in food you will find something for everyone at a variety of price ranges.  Melbourne in the summertime; certainly a destination worth thinking about.



Top reasons to visit Perth

Perth is a city in the state of Western Australia. It is actually the capital of the state and a popular tourist attraction that has been visited by millions of people worldwide. One of the key features that makes Perth such a great tourist attraction is the fact that it rests next to the coast. This means there are plenty of beautiful beaches to visit that have soft white sand and aqua blue waters. One beach in particular that is popular is Cottesloe Beach. You will find activity on this beach from the early morning before dawn all the way until sunset. Best of all, the city stays sunny most of the year.

People love to shop when they are on vacation or visiting a new city. Perth sure has their selection of shops to visit. When you visit Perth you will become very familiar with King Street because this area has become a thriving marketplace for tourists and residents. You will see a lot of name brand clothes being sold, such as Gucci, Tiffany, Bally and more. Then after you go shopping you can visit Wolfe Lane for one of the most interesting bar experiences you will ever have. There is plenty of stylish music and dancing in the bar that will make it more fun for you and your partner.

Fremantle Harbor is a popular attraction in Perth for fishing, boat riding and seafood. You may think that a restaurant called “Joe’s Fish Shack” may seem low key, but it has some of the freshest and tastiest seafood on the whole western coast. You can also buy fresh fish to take back to your hotel from the popular “Kailis Fish Market Cafe.” Then if you want to go on a sightseeing boat ride, you can go on the Okiedokie West Coast Jet Boat ride. This neat jet boat will take you along the western coast of Australia from the ocean and you will get to see many breathtaking sites along the shore. There are also fishing boats that you can rent and take out on the water if you are interested in fishing. There is just so much to do in Perth that once you visit you will never be bored for a second. Between the beachfront walks, shops and boat rides, you will always find something interesting to do during your stay. You can even rent a bicycle and cycle around Rottnest Island, which has many bridges that overlook the ocean. So, the next time you make travel plans to Australia you better be sure to put Perth on your itinerary.